HESSA AL FALASI is the designer & the creative director of HESSA FALASI - a modern luxury Abaya brand that was officially launched in  2011 with its flagship store in Dubai. Showcasing the latest designs, private consultations to curate exclusive couture pieces in the fashion and lifestyle space through which the brand embraces and reflects Hessa Al Falasi's creative energy with every piece. 

Receiving accreditations for the modesty of the collection they produce, what drove the success of the brand would be its soft feminine touches along with the unique ability of creating a transcending retail experience.

Hessa Al Falasi is the most followed Emirati Designer on Instagram, Hessa Al Falasi is among the top 5% of customers who come from a high net worth backgrounds in the GCC region. 

The brand was essentially inspired by materials, art & beauty to create modest fashion that would incorporate the concept of minimalism in conjunction to contemporary looks into its designs.  
A HESSA FALASI is not just an outfit but is a mindset that involves injecting elegance, simplicity, quality & timeless designs into the lives of modern women through breathtaking Abayas, Kaftans and other outstanding products.